Veneers restorative dental adelaide

Restorative dentistry aims to rehabilitate both the function and appearance of your teeth and their supporting structures. Maintaining healthy teeth for life is a difficult task and accidents can sometimes happen, resulting in the need for dental intervention.

Restorative dentistry is so popular because it can bridge gaps, restore alignment to teeth and enhance the sparkle in your smile. Encompassing various techniques and procedures, restorative dentistry offers a wide range of treatments for different dental conditions.


High-sugar diets and poor oral hygiene can lead to cavities, and cavities can cause extreme discomfort and pain. Quite often, the quickest and most effective way to resolve cavities is with dental fillings.

There’s a lot that’s new in the world of fillings, moving away from gold and amalgam materials to more synthetic tooth-coloured inserts. Fillings will close off the space that bacteria can enter and protect against future infection of the tooth.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

A dental crown is a custom prosthetic ‘cap’ that can be made from various materials according to your budget. Crowns cover cracked, damaged or chipped teeth. Matched to the colour of your teeth, they’ll completely protect the section of a tooth lying at and above the gum.

A bridge can be treated as a row of crowns to cover up a section of missing teeth. A bridge can restore a full smile in addition to functions like chewing. Most bridges can last up to 15 years and are great for restoring oral symmetry and treating gaps in the teeth caused by conditions like decay.

Dental Implants

For an even more robust treatment option, you might want to consider dental implants. These involve installing a metal screw below the gums and into the jawbone, with replacement teeth sealed on top. However, you need to have suitably healthy gums and bone strength to consider implants.

At a higher price point, implants provide a more natural feeling tooth replacement than other options, facilitating natural eating and speaking.

Cosmetic Dentures

For people with large gaps in their mouth or no teeth at all, cosmetic dentures/removable false teeth are also available. Offering a more immediate solution in comparison to implants, dentures can be full (all teeth are false) or partial (only some teeth in the set are false, preserving any existing natural teeth).

Like other restorative dental treatments, dentures can restore eating and speaking functions. They also have the added bonus of preventing sagging facial muscles, which is onset by an absence of teeth.

Restorative dentistry can give you a natural looking, fully functional mouth and smile. For more information on restorative dentistry, get in touch with our team at City Central Dental on 08 8231 9922 or contact us online.