five steps to a life long smile

With discipline, healthy habits and regular visits to the dentist, a lifelong smile is easy to achieve. Here are five steps to achieving a lifelong smile.

Start at home

It starts at home. Establish a routine for oral care, brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing at least once a day. Use fluoride toothpaste to ensure proper protection from tooth decay.

Be positive

If you have kids, speak positively about dental care and share positive experiences about the dentist. Limit sugary and starchy foods in the house and create healthy meals that are rich in calcium, vitamin D, vitamin A and phosphorus.

  • Calcium sources: almonds, dairy products, leafy green vegetables and beans
  • Vitamin D: sunshine, oranges and dairy products
  • Vitamin A: sweet potatoes, carrots and eggs
  • Phosphorus: meat, fish, poultry, sunflower and pumpkin seeds

More tips on how parents can create a positive experience at the dentist.

Visit your dentist

People with a high risk of tooth decay, gum disease or hereditary oral issues should visit the dentist every three to four months. People with no history of gum disease or tooth decay should visit their dentist at least once every six months.

Remember, our dental clinic can do a lot more than put in fillings and clean teeth. Our CDB Dental Clinic offers a range of treatments and cosmetic dental services to give you a lifelong smile. City Central Dental offers dental veneers, implants, crowns and preventative dental appointments to improve your smile as well as in-chair teeth whitening to make your teeth shine.

Don’t ignore aches and pains

If you’re experiencing a toothache, gum pain, sensitive teeth or seeing blood in your spit when you brush your teeth – don’t ignore it. Book an appointment with us at City Central Dental to assess if there is any damage or issues that need to be addressed. Attending to the problem earlier will save you a lot of financial and physical aches later on.

Consider dental treatments

City Central Dental offers several procedures that will give you that lifelong smile you’re looking for. If your teeth are stained, crooked, have spaces between them, dental veneers can be placed over your teeth improving the aesthetics of your teeth.

Teeth whitening will bring your smile back to life. We have the option of a ONE hour in-chair treatment or a take-home treatment to revive the colour in your teeth.

Creating a lifelong smile comes from within, but maintaining it from the outside requires discipline at home and time with your dentist. If you’re curious about our treatments, give our friendly receptionist a call. She’ll talk you through our treatments and book you in for a consultation, Contact us today: (08) 8231 9922.